Readiness Check

We are all ready to go, tee times are posted here. Remember that we play rain or shine, only lightening stops play. For those of you coming by later Friday, don’t forget to stop in the pro shop and pay.

Please remember to bring ample beverages. There is a grill, etc; to cook food. Also, a few of the guys buy stogies for the 2 days, if you want some but don’t have time or know where to buy them. maybe Rob and I will help you out, but please give us a couple of days notice.

Don’t forget to bring lots of golf balls, like over 40…we play 36 holes a day…even good shots get lost at the diamond.

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Full House this year

Looks like we are going to have a full house this year.  I’m expecting 16 players.  A few newbies this year.

1) Pat – Chad’s brother will be making frequent offerings to the Black Diamond woods, however, he does like to take our money during poker.

2) Rusty – Brent’s friend, i’m not sure he knows that we are playing golf all day?

Returning Players:

1) Ken – don’t worry I’ve been watching the golf channel and taking notes for the nightly swing intervention.

2) Kolby – Maybe he can use the time as inspiration to complete his video game thats been in development for 2 years?

3) Jason – Rob, don’t bring the top shelf stuff…

4) Keith – Sorry brother, we aren’t going to let you do work … don’t even try to bring your laptop with you on the course.

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The Question

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Black Diamond Trip Blog

Starting this blog for banter prior to, during, and after the annual golf trip.  I’ll also post tee times and who is planning to participate.

I also have swing analysis video’s from last year, i’ll try to see if I can post those as well..

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